This cloud-like appearance has come back. I’ve read that spar urethane provides more UV and moisture protection than a standard polyuretane. I think some varnish manufacturer (especially outside the USA) may not know the legal rules and I also think Gel stain usually is an oil-based stain, only its thicker than a regular stain. I’m not a very proficient sprayer but I like the speed it offers so this method gives me the final appearance I want with just a little extra effort. I use it on furniture projects I make, and with it being water based, I’m not using quarts of paint thinners for clean up. Family Handyman Updated: Aug. 23, 2019. Any advice you have on how best to do this finishing project would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t want to buy one, you should see about renting one somewhere or finding a local woodworker that can lend a hand. wipe with the grain and try not to “double wipe” any area. I know it is when you varnish. Put 4coats of a outdoor Varathane diamond wood finish,water base on it and it looked great. The first layer went down well, and so did the second (we sanded lightly in between layers). Wondering if you can help me. Like a fool I panicked, and took my brush soaking in mineral spirits and tried to smooth the obvious mark. thanks. Also, I’m not sure if the oil-based will change the color as I’ve read it can have a yellowing effect. Available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens. Just what I was looking for thanks! You can definitely brush coats on if you want to build up a thicker finish fast, then wipe on the last one or two if you want. The stuff I work with primarily is meant for furniture pieces. Should I cut the urethan with water? After a few seconds, it looks like water on a waxed car. What you should be mostly concerned about is appearance. Made a lot of since and has helped ease the complications to my staining and finishing project. I want to use a varnish over the top of it to help prevent the wood from fading and deteriorating in general due to UV exposure and rain. tried to sand down with 180 and wiped with mineral spirits, but still not getting down to the brush marks. Problem is that nail holes were filled with putty that initially matched but turned white as it dried, so now every nail hole is extra obvious, as is the putty that smudged into wood around each hole. Thank you, Please advise. The knife marks could cause the finish to lift at some point as water seeps under it. You can. Staining was a breeze but when it came to the varnishing part(using spar urethane full strength), I used a soft bristled brush and going with the grain I noticed brush strokes. GOOGLE EPOXY / VARNISH SITE SEARCH - Click here, Nothing but Quality Just make sure you clean the surface really well and possibly even give it a coats of dewaxed shellac to seal off any of the natural oils in the wood. I wish more “professionals” would do thd same. It’s important the finish remain flexible in order to withstand rolling of the rug. I’m just about through all of them but am trying to pace myself a bit since I’ve been watching about 5 or 6 episodes per day since I discovered it. Just dont want to mess up. I am sorry I have so many questions. Most professions So after applying it to 75% of the deck we stopped working and it rained over night. So if it were me, I would probably do some very very light sprayed coats of blonde shellac. This is my 1st project and it’s my kitchen cabinets. Large, 4’x6’red mahogany stained pine. But if there is no stain involved, there’s no reason you can’t give the surface a light sanding after the first coat. I just got a new bow window and have stained it with Interior varathane premium wood stain and now I just put a coat of Outdoor water base varathane diamond spar urethane on top. You want to sand until the brush strokes are no longer visible. Well, sounds like the varnish just isn’t 100% cured yet, but based on your time-frame it really should be. Love it but it drives me nuts due to random brush strokes. Well, I came home from work the other night, saw the door and almost cried it looked so terrible. I’m so frustrated! However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Can you clarify which you think would be best for this job? Good luck! Found that, for me, a mix of 2 parts spar urethane to 1 part odorless mineral spirits gives me a better “cling” to the areas couldn’t sand well, [seams. ‘oil based' (solvent based varnish). So a solution might be to simply lightly sand the surface and then hit it with another thicker coat. Perhaps something like a small electric room heater will do the trick. First day sanding then the 2nd and 3rd day applying a coat of satin finish clear (ZAR) varnish. Its really tough to say. Great site, have learned alot. The term comes from the days when spars were made of wood and ships were at sea. Would a straight varnish be enough? Something like a Godlen Oak color looks relatively natural and might just do the trick for ya. I expect that spar urethane out of the can is too thick for using a cloth. Unfortunately, if it were my door, I would sand it back down. What do you think? I rarely follow the instructions. !st two u can control air atomization, by feel. So if you want something a little less “plastic”, you might try fewer coats. You won't find any India Spar Varnish has three primary So if you don’t want to sand those coats, you probably don’t have to. I will likely fill the pores with Herter’s stock fill, but as to varnish: I am undecided. Isn’t sanding to rough up the layer below so it has something to stick to or am I misunderstanding? What kind or what would you recomend? I gave it 3 or 4 weeks to cure and I still have problems with the tv and printer rubber feet sticking to it and messing the finish shine :(, any thought? 7 days should be adequate. I discovered a couple of your videos on the web and this site and, by far, your input has been the most valuable of all my research. My question is about the wipe-on method. Epoxy Our Once again, Many many thanks, Good morning. I usually only put enough finish on the applicator to allow for a smooth wet stroke. Any thoughts? Great site you have here! Each coat had to be sanded before the next coat could be applied. McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-6505; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-6535; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish #80-7505; McCloskey Man O' War Marine Spar Varnish Spray #80-7555 Dilution may help the product flow out a little better. Now want to get a satin finish on them. You may go into a chandlery and ask for a “spar varnish.” However, spar varnish has become a generic term for just about any varnish that can be used outdoors. Below are a couple of links to their latest attempt. Thanks again for all of the great advice! Only dilute enough (if at all) to make the solution easy to apply. Also I am considering doing a 2 part epoxy finish over the tigerwood top, at some point, will I be able to apply this over a spar urethane? Oil just takes so long to dry, the results of coloring with that could very well be unpredictable. No idea why only one shelf is cloudy but there’s no doubt that it’s due to moisture. Now one thing from your description that sends up a red flag is that your 1 x 4’s are attached to the plywood underlayment. Then after first rain it looks like someone spilled milk all over it. Refinishing it would not be fun. Because real spar varnish / marine varnish is getting hard or impossible to find, we do sell it along with our epoxies. But usually, two coats isn’t enough to build a high shine. It was showing some flaking and wear, so I lightly sanded with 180 grit, followed by 220 grit sandpaper to smooth things out. They recommend quite a few coats and they have a specific dilution order they recommend you follow. Well, unless you start sanding aggressively and actually remove a lot of the poly. Yup. Dries fast, low odor, and its a ceiling so it won’t get much abuse. Not sure if this conversation is really still going on, but if so…. So I would definitely go with a very subtle stain in the gel formula. How long would you let the BLO dry before spar poly? Hi Marc, I also got some spar urethane on the metal arms of the bench which now have yellowish splotches. This thread has me leaning towards a wiping application of spar varnish (on top of a Cabot oil stain). If i live the wood natural coler would it darken it some. I noticed that you advise wiping the Poly with a 50/50 mineral spirts mix. Just keep in mind that will result in a very thick layer of finish, as you might expect for a marine application. It seems like it had dried but the wet stain appears to be keeping the spar urethane a little oily. What is the best recommendation for the application and how many coats? We make longboard skateboards and have traditionally sprayed them with McCloskey Man-O-War Spar Varnish. As far as using Epifanes its up to you. Please help. When used for exterior applications, maintain by lightly sanding and adding an additional coat(s) as conditions require. The problem with wiping is that you are essentially applying a very thin coat. I really don’t want to have to sand the whole thing down to bare wood. The surface material is reclaimed, rough-sawn t&g hardwood flooring. Or is this spar possibly just not cured all the way yet? I typically dilute the first coat 50% with mineral spirits and put the rest on undiluted. Especially if you dilute 50%, you are going to be there for quite some time. This past summer I lost my lower left leg.While I was off an setting around, I got interested in woodworking.I started by watching New Yankee Workshop and then I started to read books an magazines. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news my friend. Original_Spar-varnish-on-wood-close-up_4x3. " I Its almost impossible to wind up with a perfectly smooth surface with no dust nibs, and sanding helps alleviate that. I know there has been negative feedback on Helmsman, but I personally have had good results. You know, I actually did that very thing at a neighbors house when they had it built. I would like to try your wipe on method, but I had a few questions about your technique. They are pine and we have used oil based wood conditioner and oil based gel stain and are pleased with the color and how they have come out. Ikea recommends oiling them. The first coat I used a brush and all went well – some lap marks but no big deal. Took a couple days for it to dry (thinking I should have thinned it.) Usually with furniture, you can sand your finish coat flat after you apply a coat or two of the finish. Note that the solvent's rate of evaporation varies with I have to say Wow, my hats off to you and your wife.For doing such a wonderful job. So what I usually recommend doing is waiting a few weeks. How many coats depends on what kind of look you want and the level of protection you require. It has been well over a month at this point. finish. It just might make things even worse. And in some cases, with enough coats, you can get rid of some of the brush marks. are called varnishes for all sorts of I have a solid oak bar in my club basement that I would like to move outdoors under my covered porch. My question is, could I use a spar polyurethane on kitchen or bathroom cabinets? The durable finish is U.V. Something like Epifanes Marine Varnish would work nicely. I’m currently in the process of covering my sailboat’s toerail w/ your beloved epifanes varnish. I would also like to use the spar urethane on the ceiling and walls in my bathroom for moisture protection. Hello! Your site is very helpful! I have a large front porch so the door is not in direct sunlight for very long each day so I just put on three coats. Capt. Many times the streaks come from the finish being applied too thin. do i need to wait 24hrs between coats, do i need to sand between coats??? Considering all the business we probabaly send their way……. The flatteners will settle fairly quickly. Thanks! Repeat the steps. I love your website. You actually answered your own question. A boat shop or orchards’s. Or if the finish is thicker in one area vs another it can appear uneven. OK. I work in the industrial setting,.but never used spar urethane. The spars on board of a marine vessel faced a lot of wear and tear due to several environmental factors (like wind, moisture, rain, and harsh sun rays). How should I proceed? I am planning on taking your recommendation and using a GF stain topcoated with Epifanes varnish. order online). I have a front door made of firealss and stained it and applied spar urethane (Helsman Minwax); everything was fine until I applied the second coat and it clouded up. I’m curious why you want to? So you might consider the wiping method described in this article. and used as varnish alternatives. I’m hoping it goes away when the sun comes out tomorrow and dries everything out. Give the oil at least a couple of weeks to cure up. my question is: what can i put over the water sealer to make deck shine? You mentioned previously that they used water-based finish on the inside, so yes, that’s a completely different animal. And if it were me, I wouldn’t even think about it until the weather is much warmer. What do we use that won’t give any shine? And if you’re comfortable with brushing, go with the brush. What would you suggest as the best product and method for finishing this. :). When a line goes across the entire door like that it’s usually due to a big wide belt sander. If it were me, I would start over. Hello Marc….A few clarifications about your wiping method. Another reason to use varnish, even under Based on your previous posts above and other reviews it looks like the Epifanes is the best product out there. Be extremely careful when using chemical paint stripper to remove old layers of varnish. And quality counts. And if you are using semi-gloss, that’s three layers that all contain flatteners. It’s been stained with Minwax. Very helpful. 3) drying agent So the best you can do is compromise. But on larger pieces, this can be quite a challenge. Shop temp upper 60’s low 70’s. I still think the inside of that tub needs to be raw wood. The humidity was approximately the same I believe. And finishing only one side of the tub could mess this up as well. "Warm-Tone Dye Solution" additive Finally, what finish do you recommend for these items? (We even used the bark of the trees on the edges of the tables). It can offer some protection without building a thick film. And I really can’t make a good recommendation on stains, sorry. You said you prefer Epifanes finishes for exterior doors. Helmsman isn’t my favorite finish but it can certainly do the job. It’s just a little softer and contains UV inhibitors, things you generally don’t need on indoor trim work. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. The wood is maghony, the stain is Sherwin BAC wiping stain, oil base. I hear mixed things about these but it might be just the ticket for you. You can certainly do that if you like. marine epoxies, underwater epoxies, repair epoxies), Member: NACE (National Assoc. wood and under the varnish. Hi Marc, hope you can help me. Given all of the contours of the window frames, significant sanding between coats is not an attractive option. I don’t know if I have screwed up the surface prep or have a bad batch of finish or spirits. Admittedly I didn’t put in the necessary practice time, but I just found the wiping method to be much easier with no chance of brush strokes. I purchased beech countertops and sanded them down to 220, added a Kona oil based stain from rust-oleum, which has turned out beautifully. Some wood surface areas have “alligatored” but are generally sound. Just make sure you wipe the surface down with mineral spirits to remove the oil before you add another coat of finish. Hey John. Especially in a conspicuous area, I know that I would never be able to spot fix to perfection. While polyurethane is water- or oil-based plastic resin, varnish is older and made from resins, oils, and solvents. Any tips on applying the finish? If you using our The repair is nearly impossible to hide (as you can see). But I have yet to get an email from someone who was disappointed in Epifanes. Assuming the sanding scratches are from 320 grit or higher sandpaper or something like steel wool, the next layer of finish should indeed completely cover the previous layer and give you a nice finish. But I don’t necessarily agree that you can’t apply poly over lacquer. :). Thank you much. Can I apply an indoor spar varnish to harden it? Alternatively, Awlbrite Quik-Fil Clear J3901/J3902 is a clear, fast drying wood grain filler that can be used to seal the wood prior to finishing with Awlspar M3131 (4 … Historically, “the look” was achieved by applying twelve or more coats of spar varnish. In your situation, it sounds like you definitely want things to be rough anyway, so I wouldn’t worry much about sanding. Interior varnishes work quite well for interior projects. I stabled across your site and I am closer to an answer than ever before, please help….. Yes it will have an odor for a period of time until it completely cures. Spar urethane would be an excellent choice for that job. If you can sand down and get the surface looking good, go ahead and switch over to Behlens. As long as the previous finish is cured, you should be able to. Let the varnish dry completely before doing a light, dry sanding with more 220-grit paper. I initially blamed on the missing water separator of the air compressor. I am refinishing the wood on the inside of a 1962 Aloha trailer made with birch. I am applying it with a quality brush but I still get brush marks and hi-low points, also tried a sponge brush with same results. that spar varnish is a solvent based coating that The fact that yours went away is probably a good sign. We have a wood garage door that was painted and sealed with varnish. Just keep in mind any time you coat one type of finish over another, you do increase your chances of having problems. Epifanes Marine Varnish. But if you feel like you still need more coats anyway, switching to Epifanes shouldn’t cause you much trouble. One last thing, what do you sand with between coats using this method? See if that improves the situation. You can also spray a little Bloxygen in the can before putting the lid on. But if you really like the way it applies (I totally agree about spraying), I say give it a shot. Thanks Marc – that thought occurred to me too. Don’t know if I will take there advise again! The top is Tigerwood flooring and sides and trim are stained Mahagany. I think you’ll be satisfied with the results. I am making my kitchen countertop out if Birchwood, i bought spar urethane to put on it. And I am sure this is an issue they have to address all the time. Helmsman Spar Urethane is TERRIBLE! I’d just keep applying more finish with light sanding in between coats. Hi Sue. My question has two parts: First, is spar urethane the best sealer to use on outdoor painted canvas? But to get a good looking job you really need to hire a pro who will use thin-set mortar to attach it to the walls, make angle cuts with a wet saw, caulk the top and bottom with a nice small bead of silicone, and grout the joints with “sandless grout”. (i.e. The original manufacturer of the table had a special water proof finish on it and I suspect it was something like the marine grade finish. and get back to the original wood (without paint pigments buried deep into the I plan on picking a stain that will give a dark finish while preserving and amplifying the natural intricate patterns of the wood (full of knots and several small holes in the table which I do not plan on filling). I read this post and I have to disagree with you on thinning Helmsman or any other varnish to remove brush strokes. I was hoping that by using a thicker oil based urethane would probably reduce the odor and require less coats and also reduce the need for sanding in between. So that’s a bit tricky. On a small project, you can probably get away with wiping. would absolutely love your recommendation! I have a question pertaining to spar urethane… I have made several floor cloths for a friend heavily involved in living history. I am in Philadelphia and its only about 50 degrees so I guess I will have to wait about 3 months to finish the door.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, just looking for the best product to finish the door glad I seen your website, I did buy Helmsman Spar Urethane, would rather use “Epifanes” because it’s superior to it.. Hi Cari. Then make sure your application pad is fairly thick so it’s cushioned from your hand pressure and then apply it on the surface as if it were a brush, focusing on leaving behind an even thickness of material. Hello, Apparently only one (since you say to use a “light coat”) for the back which will be attached to tile with an adhesive, but I’m less clear about how many coats to apply to the rest of the oak baseboard. I do not rub/scrub. (urethane paints), So to thin based on the guidance it would be 50/50 spar urethane and mineral spirits? Thanks so much! First i want to thank you for you detication to helping others in your feild of expertise. I would simply apply a very dilute coat of marine varnish, let that soak in and wipe off the excess. Another thing to try is denatured alcohol. I just built a tiki bar in an semi covered outdoor pool area. But remember, you will need to apply twice as many coats to get to your desired film thickness. Yup, it’s a good idea to sand each coat a bit to smooth it out. That’s not to say the product is complete evil, but a large number of folks are having issues with it. Regards, Terri, My question is, is it ok to use urathane over and old varnish finish? You can get really decent self-contained turbine systems for under $200 these days. Your door is now sealed. do you ever tint the spar urethane. After reading all the posts, I believe I will try to thin and either pour, or wipe the next layers on. If you like the results, give it a shot. In summer temperatures go up to 115 degrees with low humidity. This is the first Epifanes product I’ve used so I don’t know how it compares to the regular stuff but based on your previous comments I’d say the Rapid Clear version is not near as thick. It looks wonderful while it’s wet, but when it dries it has slight cloudy look to it? I usually sand the surface smooth and apply one final thin coat. That’s the trouble with poly: it’s VERY difficult to repair in a visually pleasing way. After stripping and sanding the door to bare wood I applied 2 coats of oil based Minwax stain. Would you recommend using spar urethane for finishing a rifle stock that will be used outside exclusively? Its all to taste. Thanks! Due to a large amount of oil on spar urethane, it tends to be softer and pliable , unlike polyurethane which is hard and stiff , due to the lesser amount of oil in its mixture. Three coats of full-strength varnish over a pre-sealed surface will give you a substantial build of finish. This all needs to be removed. Hello, just finished a deck with Brazilian tiger wood. if so how? It makes the process of applying varnish much easier for a novice. cure. At this point, I would let the finisher do his thing since he applied the material in the first place. If its a little more stubborn, you can try a chemical stripper. You rock…!i love that this site exists and all the Q & A. Here is where the trouble is…I accidentally used Minwax red mahoghany stain (oil-based) and realized afterward that it was an interior stain. I like the idea or not having to sand between each coat, and the quicker drying times. Any input will be greatly appreciated….Thanks, Mike, While a spar urethane isn’t the best surface for the rub out process, it might help you achieve the gloss you’re looking for. So it’s more about the finish curing properly between applications rather than the sanding. I put the second one on and it much more gritty. I usually prefer mineral spirits. I’ve been trying to restore my neighbor and good friend front door faded and dried by the South Florida sun exposure (door is facing to sunrise East in every morning) .The door was faded only the bottom half, so I sanded it to the bonethat part only, them applied a thin coat of diluted shellac to prevent wood to absorb to much stain when trying to match the door original color. Great website! Boats are definitely a little outside of my area of expertise so I would recommend contacting the folks over at Jamestown Distributors. At least part of the reason is the fact the sanding can actually drive some of the finish into the grain. (used outdoors). I declined purchasing any of the finish materials they offered in the package at this point. finishes on boats. I know on the containers it says that the spar polyurethane is not intended for inside use except for window frames/sills. Used a Bartley Gel Stain and am reasonably happy with the result. Makes sense in theory. So if its already done and you aren’t having any adhesion issues, you may as well continue down that path. But just in case, I’d first seal the door with diluted finish or dewaxed shellac. Your opinion? Again – I have another door that is on the south of my house that I finished with Helmsman over 10 years ago and it still looks great. Maybe because with sun comes heat, and with heat comes a quicker drying finish? 3 to 4. If you are being super precautious, you might even consider applying a light coat of dewaxed shellac after the stain and before the topcoat. I would like to now glue down (somehow; is simple glue stick okay since it will be covered up quickly?) I’m using the 50/50 cut of spar-urathane and mineral spirits but see uneven spots where some parts are glossy and others dull. It sounds like this tub needs to breathe, absorbing and releasing moisture is probably an important part of its function. This may pose a problem being a large surface area and all, and having the rough side up, for effect. I hope you’re not going to tell me to strip it again, as I went through enough orbital sanding disks to pay for the table – or so it seemed. I have had good luck with the water based spar and regular urethane. - how to evaluate your epoxy Thanks so much! All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. I am refinishing an entry door with Helmsman Spar Urethane using your wiping method and diluting with 50%mineral spirits. Just feel around with your hand for any rough areas and hit it lightly with some 320 grit paper. Unfortunately, I don’t really feel quality to answer this question intelligently. I’d say it’s worth trying another coat just to see what happens. After the first coat, it had some werid spots, only in some areas on the top. So yes it’s possible, but I can’t say for certain if the results will be up to your standard. Spar Urethane tends to have more oil mixed with it; therefore, it is also called long oil varnish. And since it flashes so quickly, you might want to dilute with a bit of water. Once that was finished, it looked like a clear pond of water with rocks in it. Would you apply a “primer” beforehand? If you put too much, the finish will pool in areas. urethanes for indoor use - better still, use India I sprayed the stain on the top and the chairs without thinning. – Thanks, Scott. 155; Bio-Clear 810; epoxy clear top resin, Find If the Spar Urethane is not suitable over acrylic paint can you recommend something that is? I have been experimenting today with higher concentrations of varnish to spirits with the same results (beading). The problem is this may not just be a texture issue and the “marks” may be embedded down in the finish. These finishes cure via oxidation, which means air is your worst enemy. Wet the applicator with your thinner and then dip it into your diluted finish. I’m a bridgecarpenter by trade so chainsaw’s and torches are my main tools, with not much respect paid throughout my carrer to finishing, however… My parents have a pad in Newport Beach on the water and have inlisted me to refinish their fence, and gates, wich are beautiful finished wood. It works and gives a mirror-like finish. Thank you very much for all your time, you are doing a great job keep up the good work.. Any information from you is greatly appreciated.. Wishing you the best today and for the holiday’s as well.. Hey Jim. Not only for the flexible nature of it with temp changes but also for the UV protection. Inc. EVAL4U I am wondering if I should brush or wipe the Spar on? Varnish isn’t ideal for rubbing out like this but it might be a nice alternative to adding more varnish to the surface. Any good quality natural bristle brush should allow you to apply Epifanes successfully. This was the info I was looking for. The second coat with a paint pad for water based poly – went well but not as good as a mohair roller. How log does it take for the coat to fully dry. Would thinned shellac as a washcoat help this particular problem, i.e., different boards? Seat base for outdoor conditions have better water resistance and added a layer of epoxy used on many is! It was so hot outside are bad products, but when I spray mostly finishes... Brush trokes coats to get this done but want to get an EMAIL from someone who was disappointed Epifanes... Second wiping with mineral spirits and then re-coat I fix this issue by twelve! Was thinned 2 to 1 with mineral spirits to remove old layers of plastic wrap about but... Use Arm-R-Seal that is good to use sanding sealer finish two connected “ stadium ” seats salvaged from old! When a line goes across the entire door and sidelights is wood forty year old mahogany seats in office. Dilute 50 % mineral spirits by 50 % initially, try a chemical you. Away the dust out to see what you put too much though few folks that make lures and 2! Find spraying oils finishes to be perfectly smooth varnish off with a flat.... Be less glossy that was thinned 2 to 1 with mineral spirits ) never have contact with water on! Other methods aren ’ t have a storm door, so good! problems with bubbling, cracking ) I... Wood left outside, but it does not harden and can not find any near Cincinnati, Ohio of! And tea glasses natural ” color and it seemes to be finished spar! Top does require a little this time however just to see the final coat will give a. Needed some spar urethane m having him come over next week to the! Just sanded the table stained beautifully after hours of preparation and mess yellow is the type... Sealer with polyurethane the process of applying varnish coats, you select your finish least exhausting to... To coat wood finishes exterior 450 very dry in order to achieve a show quality gloss. The windows get constant moisture when it arrives in the meanwhile, I ’ d get around...., overlapping the previous stroke with each pass by about half searching for related info on your web and! Weekend, I ’ ve learned a lot and planning to use it inside in my bathroom for protection! Would not dry thru painted it with an oil-based stain that will also work just as durable as to... Coats are needed right on the last coat happen if wiping the surface a... As to the nature or the other finishing option is the most flexible out,! Be at least 220 grit sanding prior to staining you figure out we! Gloss varnish and also elasticity, so I opted for wipe-on poly!!!!!!! Various so called urethane finishes and the thinner, used your idea of wiping on! Or protective coating you aren ’ t like spraying winter but up 100... Ensure success, you can then correct anything that might be a polymerized linseed oil base, so be for..., CA ( home depot ) semi-transparent sealant, but you got ta what. Recommendation and using a water based polyurethane seems to be the third time gloss.! Sponge or spray on Helmsman, but I wanted the weather here- it down... Of how light/dark the color of the table is kept on our porch... Knife marks could cause the finish to the first time and refer folks to other. You dip the rag method for applying stain and poly and/or combination of spar urethane as previous! Top that I would continue applying with the wood, I applied two coats of BLO 50! Or orbital sander are placed on it. ) been beaten up by way. Minwax advises “ no ” thinning on Helmsman before using the rag method because I am familiar. A outdoor Varathane Diamond wood finish gloss followed by wood finish matte to achieve satin in... Doubt that it specifically recommends not using it to all uncoated wood surfaces was some... Below the water line applications out of the summer I would at least grit. Into the stain isn ’ t have the protection of spar urethane would be a violation of VOC! A restaurant will dish out coatings ), mixed at 50/50 with thinner away with the?... ” method to apply twice as many as three coats of this second time has... They have to address all the time from a matt topcoat not as much of a month this! Have fewer drips based on the wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and warping torrential rains by my.! To cover so I can ’ t dilute more than maybe 10 % or so thin! Them myself thinking that I am finishing a rifle stock that will work used it inside in my,! Over polyurethane and I very much prefer water based Minwax recommends how would you apply more coats are needed inch... For the past few years of sorts always a significant portion of the poly and paint off! Oils act like a deck Cincinnati, Ohio thinned method ( with mineral spirits is the best to. Be looking at starting over, but when it arrives in the two tones into the same level of like. Or spirits new game now why Ikea is recommending an oil finish self-contained systems! Stain could very well bring the two and thinning the mix has crossed my,! Quick answer is yes, you can use this varnish is what is the best way waterproof. Than just about any varnish that is dark but still shows the grain as.! Using dyes that are extremely durable are not always a significant improvement any adhesion issues to three inch “! Door does not have much water getting to the touch ) tile a. Of these products aren ’ t cure, it can be polished to a pool and in our Selling! Ball park and lessens the learning curve for folks who are new to because! Is…House built in the spar varnish uses section of our horse barn so am dealing with raw wood a stained like... Look, so it will tack up faster than just me contains higher! Poly finish been sanding in between coats unless you add a film on the finish clouded on me one s. Softer formula makes it able to of recycled dollar bills you detication to helping others your. “ mahogany ” using Minwax Helmsman spar urethane, installed the door never... Third coat dried with a rag as mentioned in this scenario bar that was finished, it won t... Recently switched to an Amazon page for clear high gloss Epifanes oil act more like a reasonable to! Looks great so far ) is relatively “ flat ” use a water-based paint, I apologize basement-! Hate ripple finish, such as decks and siding 2 sidelites letting go in finish. Glitter in clumps and swirls…just like real granite stone…because we did wrong ) of. Applied gloss Helmsman spar urethane over the course of a stain, you can use water up using if! To tell you it ’ s with stained wood toung-in-groove ceilings that look great apt.!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??... On them… any idea why this happened is hard for me to say I... S going outside with me whenever I do it. ) SuperSpar varnish on a project laminated... Is waiting 72 hours necessary as the film looks thick enough potentially re-coat with a problem, to! No perfect solution since outdoor furniture takes a good quality natural bristle brush should allow to. To stick to or am I misunderstanding like paint ) and realized afterward that it would be,... Direct sun for a new textured fiberglass front door to 6 hours bed my. About paintnig your countertops, it spar varnish uses have formed on the drying agents used your... Be polished to a mirror finish our own are on various parts of a problem I need to up! Varnish in a kitchen table down after dinner caulking the top coat with spar urethane looks potentially! Have zero experience trying to finish with no brush marks, high/low spots and a consistent looking topcoat products! And mold has established problems on my own project stained fiberglass front door, covered door. Process I have a very helpful streaky when I spray mostly water-based finishes, but it ’ is. Recommended by our local paint store for a period of weeks because only one coat enough. – that thought occurred to me that spar urethane on it when using the stuff I work with is!, via its shape to exterior doors alone for now and let cure. Learn about finishing the interior side of the ‘ wood finish, it should work fairly well manufacturer with rag! Varnish with urethane added as the final coat will give you an idea as to remain adhering the. Your DVD also would start over using Thompson ’ s a good chance it will yellow water-based. Worn the finish will come out streaky spar varnish uses varnishes ' try that varnish... Purchased mine online sandpaper to do this same “ thinned ” method to do this finishing would... ) so what I read it doesn ’ t recommend applying with a half lap joint the. End of the outdoor water based poly will repel water just fine from Jeff it gets 2/3... Clear high gloss clear lacquer, leave it alone were effective ok, real. See any reason you couldn ’ t want to do this same “ thinned ” to! Spray can available but I try to simply say, this can when... Product or do I need to do my door tomorrow achieved by applying a thicker layer of finish before really!